Happy Today ~~
What trip are you on?
I don’t mean a vacation I mean a “power negative” downward spiraling sure to lead to a crash trip.
If you are unfamiliar with what I am talking about you are very lucky!
Most of my clients go on trips regularly and there is always one of three things that is causing it. If you can get your head around this it will increase your happiness factor by a ton!
Here are the three most common “power negative” trip causers:
1- The thought that you are not enough
2- Comparison
3- The reality that you will never get everything done
I find that the first two show up the most. I’m not smart enough, rich enough, skilled enough, educated enough, etc, etc.
The other killer is: They are smarter than me, they are better looking than me, they had a better upbringing. I don’t have what they have, etc. comparing yourself to others is not only a waste of time, most of the time it is totally inaccurate.
Can you relate?  I sure can!
The next few weeks I will be sharing ways to be less effected by the “Triangle Of Torment”.
 Our minds are so powerful. Becoming aware of how our thinking affects our mood and behavior can really turn your life around.
I’ve put together a little video about the subject. Let me know if you have any questions.
 Click Here for a video about this >
~~ Toby