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November 4th – Cincinnati Ohio – Vocal Clinic With Duff Rowden – Sponsored by HearTheHope.org

Want to sing better and with more confidence?

    Vocal Coach Duff Rowden

Want to increase your vocal power and impact?

Come and spend some time with a vocal coach that has changed ordinary singers into dynamic success stories. Duff Rowden has a unique style that brings out your best in a very short period of time.

Each participant will get one on one time with Duff and do a recording with him so you can hear your voice recorded in the studio!

Many of Duff Rowden’s students are award-winners!

*American Idol finalist, *OCHSA acceptance, *Various academic competitions. *Acceptance into CalArts, (an exclusive school for the arts in Southern California.) They also get invited to perform! *Live Radio appearances, *Civic Celebrations, *Athletic Events, and *even NFL football!

Ten Things You Will Learn at the Duff Rowden Vocal Clinic:

    1. How to breathe correctly and why it is so important.
    2. How to use vowels like specialized tools!
    3. How to get your own unique sound.
    4. How to stretch your vocal range and hit higher pitches.
    5. How to make low notes sound great.
    6. How to blend beautifully with others.
    7. Tweaking your own vibrato.
    8. The best and fastest way to mastering a song.
    9. Learn how to sing by “feel”. That’s how the pros do it!
    10. Daily exercises that will make you get better quickly.

Rowden can help you become an amazing singer by helping you understand the universal principles of great singing. He has directed and coached individuals, singer/songwriters, both professional and amateur, ensembles and full-on choirs.

He is a veteran in recording studios. So if recording is one of your goals, he can get you ready so your vocals will shine.

What style do you want to sing?   Mr. Rowden can help you become an amazing singer by helping you understand the universal principles of great singing which you will use every day. Perhaps best of all, you will gain confidence.

Enroll now space is very limited CLICK HERE for more information. (Because of one on one time recording with Mr. Rowden, this clinic is limited to 12 participants)

Time: 10 am -2 pm ‘ ish

Cost:  $75 per person.