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Nature Ritual to Connect with Your Authentic Self

This ritual, one that I've found to be quite powerful, correlates to the element of nature. Nature is about magic and transformation. It is about finding the authentic person that lives within: the one without masks, without pretense, the one who shines pure! Self-Reflection Before Transformation The first step in this authenticity ritual is to [...]

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The Power of Transformation: Ritual to Connect with Your True Nature

This ritual is about connecting to the energy of nature. Nature in the West African cosmology is about the power of magic and transformation. In our culture, we are taught to wear masks to prevent others from seeing who we really are for fear that we may not be accepted. The closer we can get [...]

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Ritual and Renewal: Embrace Your Authenticity

The element of nature is one that inspires personal transformation and guidance towards an authentic life. Nature rituals of renewal promote reflecting inwards and asking yourself questions of truth. The ritual I write about today involves personal energy, focus, and discovery. Shift Your Perceptions With this ritual I recommend that you spend some time in [...]

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The Element of Water: Ritual to Remove Obstacles from Your Life

We perform rituals involving nature and its gifts to help rebalance our lives, shift energies, and experience an overall positive transformation. I’ve talked before about different restorative rituals, such as a transformative ritual using fire, a ritual of reflection using nature, a communication-based mineral ritual, an earth-based ritual to create a feeling of home, and [...]

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Ritual and Renewal: How to Live Your True Nature

Nature carries the energy of magic transformation. It is about authenticity and living your “true nature.” This ritual is one of reflection, of going deep into your soul to discover more clearly who you really are. What is your authentic dream? Is what you're doing right now in your life the thing that really suits [...]

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