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Extraordinary People Doing Ordinary Things

A Music Legacy  For over 40 years the Christensen home has welcomed musicians. From wild garage bands with the likes of Guy Johnson, & Terry Kingen when we were in Junior High School and High School, to more organized bands like Night Shadows, a 6 piece band that played the Seattle club scene in the late 70's. [...]

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Benefits Of Therapeutic Music

Cutting-edge Technology Therapeutic drumming music is a cutting-edge technology that is being utilized to treat A wide range of issues and conditions. From ADHD to cancer therapeutic sound treatments are found to be enormously effective. We are all very familiar with ultrasound treatments. They have been in the western medical community for decades. Through the [...]

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Shift It! The Silver Bullet

“The Silver Bullet”  … a straightforward solution containing extreme effectiveness It is amazing to me how listening to a soundtrack can completely change your life! For the last two years I have been inspired to create therapeutic soundtracks to assist people in eradicating bad habits and establishing new patterns in their life to inspire them [...]

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Therapeutic Drumming and Music As Treatment For Depression

Clinical Studies Involving Therapeutic Drumming and Music Therapeutic drumming and music have been found to be an effective intervention for the treatment of depression.   many clinical studies have been done to support this therapy and the results have been remarkable. One such study was conducted by Dr. Barry Bittman in 2001 and involved  111 [...]

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