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Forgiveness and Reconciliation: Healing Water Ritual for Renewal

This ritual is based on the element of water. Water is associated with bringing you into a place of healing, reconciliation, and flow. Today is the perfect time for you to get to the water and allow the healing energy of this element bring into right relationship the things that have worked their way out [...]

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Transformative Ritual: Manifest Your Intentions

It is a time to rid ourselves of the stories in our lives that we have held, sometimes unintentionally, that have created negative patterns that are holding us back from stepping in to our most profound destiny. The mineral element is also about communication and learning new ways to communicate with our fellow humans, as [...]

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Shift It!

Change Your Rhythm and Change Your Life! “The Silver Bullet” … a straightforward solution containing extreme effectiveness. Quick resolution of issues that are holding you back - Dynamic SHIFT towards your desired outcome. Overview: With Shift It! we look at your long term and immediate needs We look closely at your desired outcome and what is preventing it [...]

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Ritual for Clarity: Becoming Your Genius Self

As we enter into this fire year of 2012, we begin with the ritual of getting clarity, setting intention, and rallying the forces that will guide us in the coming year. It is said that there are 2 truths about self-awareness: You are not who you think you are. You are who you think you [...]

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