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The Rhythm of Mineral – Change Your Story

I trust you are having an awesome day! This is the second in a series of videos on the 5 Elements. This series focuses on the power of the drum and the rhythms that represent each of the elements. Mineral is about communication and stories. The Dagara people who created this cosmology do not have [...]

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3 Ways to Change Your Life

You Are Not Alone For the last 20 plus years I have been active in the field of Life Transformation. My clients are people who have tremendous skill, vibrant creative power and many who are, in the eyes of Western culture, very successful. The common factor regardless of their vocation or social status, is that [...]

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Tribal Medicine: “Tribal Spirits” Calls to Ancestors

Tribal Medicine is an album I am particularly proud of. This CD features healing rhythms that are intended to restore listeners’ hearts and souls as the sensations of the healing drum infuses the body. One of the best features of the album is that each track on Tribal Medicine supports a particular energy and offers [...]

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Toby Christensen Speaks on Intentional Drumming – Part III

Intention and Sound Energy Hi, this is healingdrummer Toby Christensen. Intentional drumming part three is about Magic and Transformation. The power of this rhythm helps to transform aspects of our lives outside of laborious process and traumatization.  The idea is that we let the sound energy of the drum shift the patterns of energy that [...]

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