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One on One – ONE SPOT LEFT AUGUST 8- 12

One On One - Emersion Experience - Clarity, Strategy and Execution What if you could spend 5 days in paradise one on one with someone who could help you birth your dreams and formulate an effective plan and strategy to bring the BIG YOU to the world? Would you do it? What if you could return from [...]

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Community Celebration with Sound Healer John Dumas

I have been blessed to have a connection to a man of tremendous integrity, inspiration, and enthusiasm: my friend John Dumas. Not only has John been an inspiration to me as I learn to play the flute more proficiently, but I am also in the process of learning how to play the didgeridoo thanks to his [...]

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Ritual and Renewal: The Element of Water

In the song “Rock Star” by Nickelback, there are a couple of lines that hit home with some things I’ve heard from others and, quite frankly, some things I feel from time to time. The song is about a guy who wants to change his life but feels it's too late, so he's asking for [...]

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History: The Life of the Drum

The Drum has a place in the lives of many people throughout the world. It can manifest energy or represent gods. The Drum holds ancient energy, which beckons to the soul and calls for indigenous remembrance. The Menomini, Native American from Wisconsin, believe the Drum is a strong force in the world that should always [...]

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