5-element-drumming-dvd-cd-package-combination-355x300-1Learn the Drum as a Tool of Personal Meditation Empowerment & Transformation

This experimental learning combination will help you to bring strength, power and balance to your life. This highly informative instructional streaming video will give you an understanding and connection to powerful ancient teachings and rhythms.

In this streaming video, Toby will show you how to use the drum as a tool of personal meditation, empowerment and transformation. He will explain the power, meanings and teachings of the Dagara West African Medicine Wheel from the western perspective.

Toby will then demonstrate and guide you through the 5 Element Drumming rhythms, providing energetic explanations and illustrations to bring the teachings alive.

Since the 5 Element Drumming Video is delivered by instant streaming, there is no need to wait for your DVD to arrive in the mail. You’ll be watching in minutes. And after a quick download, you’ll also enjoy immediate access to the bundled 5 Element Drumming Audio Download.

Price: $39.99 (Save $10.00 compared to DVD + CD combo)

If you’re looking for the Physical DVD & CD Combo instead of the physical Streaming Video & Audio Download Combo, please click here for more information.