September 19th -23rd, 2019 – Mt. Shasta CA – Release Your Sh*t & Claim Your Power.

Short Story:

“You have a very important job to do!” These were the words of an African elder to me after a conversation we had about how shitty I felt about myself.

It was surprising because I felt completely detached from any sense of purpose. I felt alone in the world, I had lost my confidence and felt like I was holding on by my fingernails. Like the cat on the “Hang In There, Baby” poster!

After a series of practices that helped me release wounds of the past, eliminate grief and the acknowledgment that I had made some bad choices and needed to forgive myself, things started to change. Before I knew it, my life had meaning, I regained a sense of purpose and I was moving in the right direction.

Release Your Shit & Claim Your Power consists of a small group, 4 people to be exact that are ready to breakthrough to realize their greatness!

Heres How It Works:

Step #1

“A problem can’t be solved with the same energy it was created with.” ~ Einstein

We start each morning with Active Imagination Meditation Practice. This will help to shift our energy to a resourceful state.

Don’t worry if you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’ll teach you all you need to know.

This practice will focus your intention and help you start the process of seeing yourself in your transformed form.

Step #2

“Movement is the medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional and mental state.” ~ Carol Welch

Next, we move.

Each morning we will go on a hike to a sacred site.

These places will activate your mind, body & spirit to align with the meditation work we do.

Step #3

“We enter ritual in order to respond to the call of the soul.” ~ Malidoma Some`

Each day we will perform a ritual to release the things that are distracting us from our purpose or binding us to a path of misfortune or dis-ease.  Then we will activate the path to realize our greatness and receive our personal power.

The rituals will be determined by the needs of the group.

We will also participate in drumming and other healing activities as the need arises.

This kind of adventure cannot be too heavily structured. Each person will come with needs and become aware of needs as we progress.


Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did…EXPLORE, DREAM, DISCOVER ~ Mark Twain

Optional: We Follow Up With 8 Weeks Coaching

Every 2 weeks for 8 weeks after the retreat each participant will receive a 1 hour one on one support coaching session so you can keep the transformation happening as you re-enter life!

Are you ready for an epic transformation?

Ready to get rid of the shit that is holding you back?

Are you ready to own your power?

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Full Package with followup sessions $3995

Lodging is included for all registrations before August 15th

Workshop Only $2495

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