This ritual has to do with releasing energy that you may be carrying from the past that is preventing you from opening your heart. It’s a ritual designed to encourage you to open your heart to receive love and to give love in ways that will enrich your life.

Release Negative Energy

Hands and Beach SettingThe first step in this ritual is to take a moment by yourself and sit quietly. Rest your forearms on your legs so that your wrists are even with your knees and your palms are facing down. As you hold your hands in a fist, recall and focus on the things that have hurt you, caused you to feel resentment, or triggered bad feelings. This step isn’t about “feeding” the negative energies in your life, but about identifying what you need to release.

As you think about each one of these hurtful or damaging elements, imagine it appearing first in your head and then in middle of your fists. Open your hands and drop them away from you. Imagine a bucket of light below your hands, absorbing that negative energy and taking the hurtful feelings from you. It’s time to release whatever negative and hurtful elements exist in your life.

You may need to repeat this step several times until you feel satisfied with the energy release. Now you have an abundance of room for loving and receiving light into your life.

Receive Love Into Your Heart

When you feel that you have released as many of things that hold you back as you can, it’s time to turn your palms up towards the sky. Imagine warm sunshine and brilliant, golden light filling and cascading down your palms.

Take your open palms and gather that beautiful light into your heart, holding the center of your chest warmly, as though you were giving yourself a heart-centered hug. Absorb and embrace this light energy into your heart for as long as you desire. When you feel rejuvenated, be sure to express sincere gratitude for at least three elements of your life.

Receive Light in HeartYou may find this ritual helpful to repeat on a daily basis. It’s an empowering period of reflection that allows you to recognize and release the harmful or stagnant energy in your life that keeps you from fulfilling happiness, and embrace the beauty and light that fills our hearts once the space has been cleared. I guarantee that very soon after practicing this ritual you will find yourself viewing the world and yourself in a different light! Enjoy!

This exercise was inspired by one of my teachers, David Martin. He is a brilliant man of peace and has dedicated his life to help humanity. I feel it is very important to give credit where credit is due, so thank you very much David!

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